1. 27cups-of-t asked: I was wondering if you could reccomend a couple places to buy bridesmaid dresses like bhldn. i really like the looks there, simple, elegant, dresses with sleeves and boat necks. Full length! Thank you!

    Are you wanting dresses like those at BHLDN but at a cheaper price point? Check out Ann Taylor’s bridesmaid line. They have some cute stuff!

  2. Anonymous asked: Do you know where the first dress on your bridesmaid wars: peach pallette is from? It has a see through top and a bow at the waist, i love it!!

    It is by BCBG. Get it here: http://www.bcbg.com/Phoebe-Sleeveless-A-Line-Dress/SIL6Z040-6D6,default,pd.html

  3. sarastopsign asked: Hey your page is cool! How do you find your stuff?

    Thanks! I find my stuff through a plethora of different wedding websites, Pinterest, and other Tumblr pages.

  4. sparklingsweetdreams asked: You have a wonderful tumblr! :3 Keep posting like that, thank you! xoxo

    You’re too sweet; thank you!

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    Anonymous asked: do you know what kind of flowers these are? /post/78068521823


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    Anonymous asked: Can you please tell me who this dress is made by? 21:15 (6 Feb 2013)

    So, after some research, I discovered this was actually a picture of R&B singer Monica at her wedding.  Her dress was designed by Stephane Rolland.

  7. pathful asked: Hi I found your BEAUTIFUL blog and now I have a question. In a few weeks, friends from our family will get married and I'm a bridesmaid. What hairdo can I do? I think I'll wear a short black lace dress or a petrol satin baloon dress :) Could you help me? many many thanks xxx

    I think a pretty, but not too structured updo would look great. Or hair half-up. I have copied some links to a few different styles below:

    Messy French Twist

    Half Up Braid

    Messy Fishtail Bun

    Half Up Bow

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    Anonymous asked: Your blog has absolutely gorgeous content but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE YOUR THEME CLASHES SO HARD. I am saying this with the spirit of telling someone they have spinach stuck in there teeth. I want to help you. You need to change the colors.

    I like the colors. If I didn’t, I would change them.

  9. Anonymous asked: Hi ! Can you tell me where this little flower girl dress came from? Thanks!

    Which one….?

  10. iheartkleenex asked: Hi! Could you tell me where these shoes are from? /post/52797701341 I am trying to find them.

    They are by Harriet Wilde. Hope that helps!

  11. halloblue asked: Where is the dress you recently posted from? the last one you posted

    Do you have the post number?

  12. pretty-luxuries asked: Where can i buy those sparkly, turquoise Valentinos? They might be the cutest heel i have EVER seen. I have looked everywhere but i don't know the name of that heel. Do you know the name/where to find them? PLEASE help. These are must haves!! & if anyone else knows where to find these, please comment!!!!! holy moly they are exquisite!

    I tried in vain to find them, but I think they must be out of season because they were nowhere to be found. You can always comment on the original post over on SMP and ask them.

  13. hanliworld asked: Great blog. Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it :)

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  15. jbhatt asked: hi!! my friend wants to have sparkly bridesmaids dresses..... do you happen to know a budget friendly place where these dresses can be purchased?

    1) Google is your friend’s best friend

    2) Remind her that they don’t necessarily have to be “bridesmaid” dresses.  Tell her to think outside the box and to be on the lookout for sparkly dresses whenever she is shopping. I know many people who have found their “bridesmaid” dresses at department stores or even at Anthropologie.