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Jul 18, 2014 / 2 notes

Anonymous said: pretty blog, it makes me feel better some type of way

Aww, thanks!

Jul 18, 2014 / 1 note

freshmixt said: Hi my name is Waverley! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog! I have a secondary blog that is a white wedding theme (sparklyfrenchbraids) where I always can count on your blog for inspiration and reblogging! Beautiful blog;)

Thanks Waverley!

Jul 18, 2014 / 2 notes

thetwentysecond said: Your blog was one that was in my 'suggested to follow' section, so I hovered over the url and fell in love! Weddings are my thing, I'm obsessed with this page.

That’s awesome! I’m so glad you found my blog and that you like it :)

Jul 18, 2014 / 2 notes

stareyes said: You should do a picture set of bridal hair styles. That would be a fun one to see. :)

Check out

Jun 14, 2014 / 14 notes

valkyriexox said: What are your favorite wedding blogs?

Ahh, this is such a hard question because there are so many good ones! If I had to narrow it down, I would choose:

100 Layer Cake

Jose Villa Photography

Jemma Keech

Wedding Sparrow

Once Wed

May 31, 2014 / 2 notes

Anonymous said: Hi, I really like your blog! it's so lovely and wonderful! I'm getting married on December this year and your blog has helped me so much with so much details! thank you for all the ideas and your blog is beautiful!

Thank you so much! This is honestly the best compliment I can receive. I love hearing that the blog has helped someone plan their own wedding!

May 31, 2014 / 2 notes

foreverfleurs said: Loving the fact that we share the same theme. It's like this wedding blog is literally made for me! xx Fleur


May 31, 2014

Anonymous said: Hi, I just seen a wedding dress you posted that's just beautiful. But, it shows front and back together. Would you ever consider separating the dress into two pictures? I have found most people like pics separated but of course that's completely up to you. Anyway I plan on checking out your blog and hope you will mine also. Have a great day. Piper

I usually separate the front and the back into two pictures, but some of the images I have cannot be separated. I would say there are only a handful of those though. Sorry!

May 30, 2014 / 2 notes

Anonymous said: Love the new look!!!!!

Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to try something new, so I’m testing this theme out.

Apr 27, 2014 / 1 note

Anonymous said: Hello, I was on Pinterest and came across a flower girls dress that cross crossed in the back. I was wondering if you could direct me as to where I could buy this. Thank you

Do you have a picture of the dress available? I don’t know what dress you are talking about so I’m kind of limited in ways I can help find it.

Apr 27, 2014 / 3 notes

Anonymous said: Can you please please post a bit of info on mother of the bride concerns? Especially dresses, including plus sizes. This is a much overlooked but, very needed topic. Thanks!

Good idea! I will do some research and put together a post on it.

Apr 26, 2014

diningondreams said: Hayley Paige is my favorite!!! Do you have a favorite of hers?

I love her too! That line is one of my favorite in terms of watching how the designs have developed over the years into a beautiful line with intricate (and often unexpected) details. I’ve pasted links to some of favorites below (they are my favorites in terms of design, but are not all necessarily dresses I would choose to wear myself):





What is your favorite Hayley Paige dress?

Apr 26, 2014

Anonymous said: I've been following your blog for maybe almost 2 years. Glad I came across it. This blog is original, fresh and of course always sparkling! :) Are you a wedding planner or are in wedding business? You probably might have answered this question already though so sorry if this is a repeat.

Thank you so much! That is so cool to hear you have been following me for that long; I appreciate it!

To answer your question, I am not a wedding planner or in the wedding business. I do all this (blog, research etc) as a hobby and a creative outlet. My day job is very strategical and kind of like a never-ending game of chess, so I found that this blog helps satisfy my creative side that I don’t get to use at work.

Mar 20, 2014

27cups-of-t said: I was wondering if you could reccomend a couple places to buy bridesmaid dresses like bhldn. i really like the looks there, simple, elegant, dresses with sleeves and boat necks. Full length! Thank you!

Are you wanting dresses like those at BHLDN but at a cheaper price point? Check out Ann Taylor’s bridesmaid line. They have some cute stuff!

Mar 16, 2014

Anonymous said: Do you know where the first dress on your bridesmaid wars: peach pallette is from? It has a see through top and a bow at the waist, i love it!!

It is by BCBG. Get it here:,default,pd.html